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My poem of love

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My poem of love |


I have always wondered if love poems are like a princess story, but what about mine? What if I don't want my plot to be about someone else's love poem? I want my own poem, so my story is not considered as some Cinderella love story to tell. My poem about love was not how I imagined it. I lived in Italy. My name was Penelle.

January 15, ITALY

Where the lights shine and the food and the smell, I can only see and smell where I am hand to hand, with what I thought of the love of my life. It was such an unreal story, the way his eyes would spark like he had millions of stars slowly bursting under the carousel where we were both going up and down with our hands connected. It was like we were plugs. If anybody was to disconnect us, it would be a spark. If you put something in the plug you will electrocute yourself, that's how strong my love was. I thought to myself, it was my love poem I have always wanted.

Febuary 15, ITALYTwo months later, I started to fall more and more too much, but I had nothing to hold on to because the love was so powerful. It felt like he was my Batman to my world, a nice and strong man, a man who I would settle down for, a man I would be absolutely crazy about. He took me out for a 2-month goal, our lips collided and we felt the spark. It was like a wave on the beach that was strong enough to make me fall on my knees. He was that powerful to me. I hope this love will last like a rock.

March 15, ITALY

Three months, I have been happy. Maybe this will work. Maybe he was the man of my dreams coming to save me from a tornado coming to strike. I am scared this was too real to be true. I was scared. What if I don't focus on myself anymore and what if I'm only using him to distract myself from a world that does not exist in my life? What if it's all in my head, what if he falls like a wave on the ocean. But not to me, but to someone else?

April 15, HEAVEN

That was the day I found him. He made me happy. I loved him and adored him. I loved Himeven when he felt nothing for me. How could I feel so dumb? I was so lost in my mind that I never saw that he wasn't in the moment with me when I was young. I heard about people's love stories and how they were so heart-broken they refused to do anything. I would laugh at it, but I think my moment has come to a point where I actually was falling from a cloud with no corners, no place to hold on but to fall to my death. all because of a Marcus that I loved and was only here for the game. I guess my love poem would be 'love leads to death but some end up in each other's arms'. That's all I wanted, god, but now I see you are the only man that could ever give me real happiness.

4/15/2023 REST IN PEACE Penelle

Disclaimer: this story is made up. It could be a harsh thing to read for some people read at your own risk.

© Yessica Yessy 2023-02-02


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