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Sin Cycle

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Desire burning

A surging tide

Tied down by what’s churning inside


Says my mind


While you can

If you can

Can you be rational


Oppositional wishes drift apart

This growing rift at heart

Grows dark

With distrust

This must be tamed

Be slaved by society’s good name

Name the price

Twice the pain

Paying won’t gain you the passion you crave

I gave way

I gave in to the sin

That’s been preying on my mind

Praying that I’ll find a way to forgive

If not forgive then forget

But what you get is regret

And morals to neglect

Whose morals?

Not mine

Mind you, they’re engraved in our minds

Enslaved to what’s right

Inventions of right and wrong

Whose side are you on?

After what I have done

I myself am the one

To have built

This temple of guilt

But I don’t pray

Stare straight ahead into the sun and watch as your sight goes into the light

Will there be another light at the end of the tunnel as your vision darkens into white

Cover your eyes with a damp towel, feel your fists close around it, ready to throw it in

Will they forgive me if I give in, will they forgive me if I let them win the game that no one wins?

Give in and begin again

© SaraNicole 2023-01-26


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