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The Forgotten - Resurrection Pt 2

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Hours passed, or days. When the mind is busy with bringing the pieces of the puzzle and the body is in a healing process, it is so hard to try to measure the passing time. At least with no proper tools at hand, all I can do is stare into the darkness and try not to be pulled into desperation, as I don´t have any knowledge of my past. One good thing is, now, I am able to move my limbs and the pain and cramps slowly disappear. I still haven´t been able to get onto my feet yet, but at least I know that I will be in shape to do it in a short while.

The noises I heard before become more evident and they are definitely not distant voices of people but more likely to be coming from wild animals. I guess I am somewhere in the wilderness where some wildlife exists nearby. I am guessing that I am somehow physically separated from them. The only way I know their presence is by hearing their growls from time to time. I am also certain now that my ability to see is still there. The reason I cannot see is due to the pitch black that surrounds me.

I am able to recall some recent memories in a fainted and disoriented way. I see myself, or someone whom I assume to be me, being dragged or pulled into some dark and gloomy place. I am not able to identify or picture the ones who are dragging. They appear in my mind like shadows with no faces, no distinctive clothing, or anything for me to identify them. I hope the details will come on time. I have some loose and ragged stuff on me, with holes and ruptures in them. The strange thing is, I know that I am in a cold place, yet it seems the cold has no effect on me. I would have shivers, maybe muscle spasms. Instead, I feel a strange easiness on me and relaxation. Have I been in the same place I see in my mind all this time or have I been moved somewhere instead?

I know that the best way to find out is to get up and try to find more clues. With a determined push, I inclined my upper body against the cold stones. I moved into a sitting position. A sudden relief at my back gave me more strength to get onto my feet, though I needed to try two or three times to keep my balance. I still had no vision so I walked really slowly and at a short pace. It took me almost a minute to reach a wall. The wall felt very similar to the floor I had been lying on. The humidity on the stones was due to the cold temperature and as I moved my fingers, I could feel a soft, wet, and slippery layer that covered the surface. This must be some form of moss or maybe fungi.

I continued to find an ending to the wall and use my right hand as my guide in front of me as I continued to touch the wall with my left. Some moments later, I found myself in a corner where the wall continued to the right with a sharp turn. I am now sure that this room is not naturally formed but shaped for a purpose. I hope the room has an exit that is not locked and I can exit to continue exploring more. I fastened my pace a little to find out the exit. Moments later, my fingers touched something that is placed into the carved stone. A metallic touch…


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