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My VIPs and VUPs

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My VIPs and VUPs |

It is Advent - the time of inner preparation for Christmas. I think about what is important to me in my life and what is not. So I made a list of VIPs and VUPs.

My VIPs = Very important person

GOD - for me the origin of the unlimited universe and infinite love for humanity

My parents - origin of my birth on earth and educator during childhood

My wife Julia - my honest loving partner - for all eternity

My children - born of the love between my wife and me

My other relatives - who share my love and concern no matter where they live on earth

My friends - who share love and concern for humanity and nature with me

You all give me the love, joy, inspiration and care I need in my whole life!!!

My VUPs = Very unimportant person

Too arrogant celebrities - seduce many with their bad example

Corrupt politicians + dictators - exploit and destroy others for their own benefit

Selfish billionaires + millionaires - exploit others for their own benefit

Criminals + terrorists - who justify their violent actions for their own ends

Corrupt persons - who claim to be good, but deceive and lie to others.

My wish for Christmas:

That all humans become VIPs. If not this year – than in near or further future.

„I have a dream!“

© Franz Kellner 2023-01-30


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