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I remember how I tried to flirt with you,

I remember how I tried to become your friend,

I remember how I thought of you when I was falling asleep at night,

I remember how you sent a pleasant chill down my spine when you smiled at me,

I remember how I tried to start a conversation with you,

And I remember everything you ever told me,

But I also remember how you tried to win the heart of a different girl,

I remember how you made me feel bad,

I remember how I started crying every night in bed, from thinking of what you’ve become,

I remember how you embarrassed me in front of my other classmates,

I remember how I hated talking to you and tried to get the work done fast,

Nonetheless, every night I still hope you’ll change back to the handsome fellow you were once

© FieryAngel 2023-02-01


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