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A little reminder to myself

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Please don’t hide. Don’t dim your light. Don’t leave.

The world needs your colors, your softness, your magic. Even if you can’t believe it. Just trust me.

You have worked really hard on yourself and I am so proud. You have become such a strong and wise woman. No one knows how hard it has been and how much you have hurt. How many scars you carry and tears you have shed. Yet here you are, showing yourself with a big smile to the world.

But remember it is okay not to be the shiny happy person in the room. Don’t put yourself under that pressure. I promise, you are always worthy of love. Even when you are sad or angry. Your worth doesn't change, nor is it up for debate. Your worth exists, that's it.

I wish you would never forget how special and beautiful you are. How bright you shine and how your fire keeps the people around you warm. Your sparkle is unique; strong and soft at the same time. The happiest person in one second and in so much pain the other. The sun and the moon are inside you. The whole universe lives within you. Show it. Share it.

You are the most loving person I know. You are always, always, there for your friends. Be there for yourself too. Save some of that love for yourself. Because that is exactly the kind of love you deserve; your own. So don't beg for someone to give you the bare minimum when you give your 200%. Don't settle for less. Don't let them disrespect you. Don't disrespect yourself.

And please have fun! Don’t spend too much time worrying. Go out, laugh, dance, act funny, sing out of tune, play. Enjoy your life. Eat a little too much ice cream, talk a little too loud. I know you will not regret those moments of joy.

Look back to this moment, to this night, to this place. You lying on your bed, eating Ben&Jerry's and talking about love with your best friend. Remember the excitement of doing something just for you, writing something yours. Owning something you have dreamed about for such a long time.

Look back and remember, so much more is yet to come.

© beyondyourmind 2023-01-23


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