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Swayy is not just Social a social media agency.

Our proprietary technology platform manages campaigns at scale and provides measurable results for clients. Our influencers create personalized profiles and integrate with their blogs’

and social media analytics from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We track all of our influencers’ Swayy. Imagine

seeing demographic breakdowns, individual content engagement metrics and impressions for each social channel. That’s the Social Swayy platform difference.

Technology to Create & Measure SwayyContent Marketing and Native Advertising / Content Marketing at Scale

Our social influencers use their Swayy to influence their followers on behalf of brands and their products and services. Social Swayy delivers original branded content native to influencers’ blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. Our proprietary technology platform tracks and measures each piece of content through all social platforms giving clients real-time analytics and insight on the scale and impact of their campaigns.

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